Month: October 2020

Today I’m here to show you how to turn a really nasty backyard (like mine!) into a glorious restored masterpiece through a complete lawn restoration! We’re freshening up the grass, adding in a new cedar hedge, sod layer, and berm. We’re going over all the steps today as to how you can DIY the lawn
Pegboard is a tempered hardboard with pre-drilled holes designed to be strong enough to support most household hand tools. Pegboards on garage walls provide an excellent way to store and organize your tools in plain sight. This guide reviews the steps for how to hang a pegboard and make use of garage storage space that
It’s roof renovation day! For everybody who has been asking for a video on how to do your roofing, it is today! Now, I am not an expert, I don’t like roofing. It’s a lot of really hard work and to be honest with you, I’m getting to be that age where if I fell
Vinyl plank flooring styles are now more attractive, durable, water-resistant and cost effective than ever before. Best of all, they are easier and faster to install than early versions. Check out our full guide on installing vinyl plank flooring: #TheHomeDepot #HomeImprovement #DIY SUBSCRIBE to The Home Depot: Follow these tips when installing vinyl
Winter is coming. Bum, bum, bum! Which is why we’re going to go through a whole pile of information today, including how to winterize (or winter proof) your house. Now depending on if your house is a new build or an older home, the steps you take to winter proof will be different for everyone.
It’s Framing 101 with Norm Abram teaching the apprentices. #ThisOldHouse #AskTOH SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Kevin O’Connor arrives at the house and takes a walk through the new addition. Upstairs he finds the apprentices, Bailey, Austin and Nathan learning how to frame an interior wall in the master bedroom suite with Norm Abram.
Today I’m sharing with my secret vinyl siding weapon. It’s a vinyl siding tool that costs less than ten bucks, and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run! If you’re working with vinyl siding you need this tool in your back pocket. 🔧 Buy the Crescent Siding Removal Tool here:
Wood-finishing expert Bruce Johnson shares his secrets for applying a professional-quality stain and varnish finish. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.) SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Shopping List for How to Finish a Wood Table: – 120-, 150-, and 180-grit sandpaper [], for smoothing the wood – Oil-based wood conditioner ,
This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner install a rain gutter, downspout, and rain barrel. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.) SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Shopping List for Installing a Rain Gutter: – Aluminum gutter – Aluminum downspout – Aluminum elbows, end caps, mounting straps, and downspout
Today I’m coming to you from a bathroom! We just finished this custom bathroom a few months ago, and I want to walk you through all the details about how to build your own custom bathroom (the affordable way). Because the truth is: if you understand the products that are available to do your own
Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough helps an expecting couple install a concrete paver patio #ThisOldHouse #AskTOH SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Time: 12-14 hours Cost: $2500 and up, depending on size and materials Skill Level: Difficult Tools: Pickaxe [] Shovel [] Compactor [] Wheelbarrow [] Rake [] Screed [] Level [] Stakes
Today I’m going to be telling you how you can save some money! If you’ve got an old house like I do, then you’re going to need to know how to use an insulation blowing machine. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to blow insulation into your attic or crawlspace, and how
Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman explains a few different methods for wiring a portable generator to a house. #ThisOldHouse #AskTOH SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Time: 1-2 hours Cost: $500 and Up Skill Level: Professional only Shopping List: Portable generator [] Steps: 1. Heath explains some of the ways that a
This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey instructs Kevin O’Connor on the basic principles of how a heat pump works. #ThisOldHouse #AskTOH SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: The heart of the heating and cooling system will be a heat pump. This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey uses a mock