Month: February 2020

Rather than forcing heated air through a system of ducts like a conventional furnace, a radiator uses steam or hot water to warm your home through a series of pipes. Radiators were invented in the mid-1800s and many older homes still have them. Cost-effective and energy-efficient, radiators are starting to make a comeback in some
Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates some techniques for cutting straight edges with a circular saw. SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Cost: $0-$500 Skill Level: Beginner Tools List for Building a Straight Edge for a Circular Saw: Circular saw Track saw Track saw guide system Measuring tape Shopping List: Plywood Wood
Everyone needs to access the internet these days, whether just to send emails or to connect multiple PCs, tablets and TVs in the household for gaming and live TV streaming. When selecting an internet service provider, your choices involve more than speed alone. Internet providers also offer a wide range of the best internet deals
In this quick tutorial we demonstrate techniques for installing floor leveler and how to do multiple coats to solve any problem you may be facing. CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING!! —- MERCH NOW AVAILABLE!!!: —- WATCH SOME OF OUR POPULAR VIDEOS NEXT!! ► How to Tile Over Tile ►How to Paint Like a Pro ►Our Latest
Bedroom Windows Buying Guide Bedroom window treatments aren’t given much thought by many homeowners or renters. You might throw something over the window to block out light if you sleep late or skip it altogether if you’re an early riser. But bedroom window valances, curtains or other window treatments can help turn your house into
Making watertight connections with This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey. (See below for a shopping list.) SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Shopping List for When to Use Sealants on Threaded Plumbing Connections: teflon tape [], used to wrap around threaded plastic fittings pipe sealant [] (a.k.a. pipe dope), used for brushing
Collect this idea Clean off your HVAC system every time you see that it’s collected dirt and debris. Image: Shutterstock/ Christian Delbert A heat pump is one of the essential units in your home or office that operates throughout the year to cool or heat the space. While an efficiently running heat pump offers savings
Living in a state with a moderate or variable climate means having multiple options for how you want to tackle the seasonal changes in weather. Most commonly, you’ll find yourself debating over heat pumps and air conditioners.  Air conditioners are devices that absorb warm indoor air and supply cooler air instead. Heat pumps also perform
Find the best internet in New York City by comparing providers and prices. Collect this idea If you’re looking for the best internet providers in NYC, it’s not as simple as Googling “internet service near me.” Known as the Big Apple, New York City is home to eight major sports teams, including the Yankees, the
What is Adobe Home Security? Collect this idea Photographicss / Shuttershock Abode home security came on the scene in 2014. In 2018, it became majority-owned by the Italian tech company, Nice. Nice is an industry leader in home automation, security, and smart technology. Not only are their products designed to protect, but Abode security systems
Collect this idea Image: John Royal/Shutterstock Comfortmaker Heating and Cooling Comfortmaker Air Conditioning & Heating has been in business for 100 years. The company provides an array of heating and cooling products, such as air conditioners, furnaces, packaged systems and heat pumps. Its parent company, United Technologies, also runs well-known brands such as Carrier and
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Collect this idea A well-designed patio can become a second living room for your home, so it’s important to make smart design choices. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what to use for your patio flooring. With so many patio flooring options, it can be tough to decide which is